LendHer Capital is built by women, for women.

As female entrepreneurs and operators, our team understands female-led businesses and knows too well that women entrepreneurs are often under-represented, under-funded, and under-supported. A lack of investor diversity leads to a lack of investment in women.

Our vision is to prove that women entrepreneurs are investable.

Unlike traditional investors, we don’t lionize the workaholic founder. We partner with our entrepreneurs to create dual prioritization of business growth with life balance.

We support them through venture debt investment and business advisory.

Why Venture Debt?

We believe that debt is a more suitable instrument than equity for many local businesses.

Entrepreneurs better understand debt, and debt offers investors short-term liquidity for re-investment, while the exit pathways for equity are still unclear in many emerging markets.

We provide flexible loans to early-stage businesses that would not otherwise be able to access commercial bank debt.