LendHer Capital is built by women, for women.

LendHer Capital is a venture debt fund that aims to close the financing gap for African women-led businesses that can’t access traditional capital. We believe that investing in women running dynamic businesses yields both financial returns and economic growth impact. We also believe that for women entrepreneurs to succeed, there can and should be a dual prioritization of business growth and life balance. When we scanned the market, we could not find funds run by women and with these values. So we started our own.

Our mission is to provide catalytic growth to African women-led businesses.

As female entrepreneurs and operators, we understand these businesses and know too well that women entrepreneurs are often under-represented, under-funded, and under-supported. A lack of investor diversity leads to a lack of investment in women.

Debt is a more suitable instrument than

Entrepreneurs running small and growing business better understand debt, and debt offers investors liquidity for reinvestment in the short-term, while the exit pathways for equity are still unclear in many emerging markets.


LendHer Capital’s dynamic team combines experience founding, operating, and advising businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Advisory Board Members

Our Approach

Building strong female-led businesses doesn’t only require access to capital, but also access to hands-on support.
We focus on the following key areas to help our entrepreneurs reach catalytic growth.

Fast Credit

We engage in a fast credit assessment and loan disbursement process to enable entrepreneurs to put capital to work quickly.


We provide high potential local female entrepreneurs with direct investment at competitive interest rates to support the growth of their businesses.


We deliver hands-on support to tackle challenges and enable expansion. Key support areas include financial management, operational efficiency, and people management.


We offer long-term support for business growth through follow-on investments or strategic introductions to our network of later-stage investors.


LendHer Capital finds and supports the best African, female entrepreneurs (with >50% businesses ownership) building dynamic, small- and medium-size businesses that are the backbone of African economies and that need debt capital for growth. Here’s our ideal business profile:

Priority sectors:
Retail, personal care, food & beverage, clothing & textiles, furniture & home decor
Business stage:
At least 1-2 years operational, with 5-20 employees, with $10,000 – $50,000 annual turnover
Growth profile:
Moderate-growth businesses that usually can’t attract traditional venture capital or access commercial bank loans
Existing financing options:
Self-financed, loan from family, friends, or cooperative group

Portfolio Highlight:
Linda’s Natural Foods

LendHer Capital invested in Linda’s Natural Foods in August 2021. In the due diligence process, the LendHer team worked with Linda to identify four main areas of support:
  • 1. Professionalizing financial management: clarity on accounts and scaling record management
  • 2. Operations: inventory tracking, scaling production processes
  • 3. HR and talent: staff contracts and benefits, growing the team
  • 4. Coaching: critical to support Linda’s journey as an entrepreneur more holistically
Before LendHer’s investment, Linda said she felt nervous about taking on external capital and being indebted to other people. Through the diligence process, Linda was able to understand the benefits of external capital to accelerate her business and saw value in the hands-on support the LendHer team was able to provide to her post-investment.

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